Where will we Whites really end up in this Jewish-driven world?

I look at the way the world is going for us Whites, and sometimes I chuckle when I see some of the trends that are going on.

The Jews may have set out to do many things including seizing our entire civilisation, shutting up our free speech and whenever they get the chance, to pervert or kill our people.

But then I see other trends that kick off as a result of the Jewish nonsense. The Jews have definitely caused intense damage to this world with all their lying. There are many things Jews set up in order to defeat us or break us, but those things still exist and now there are additional knock-on effects.

For example, people refuse to do various things. People strike or, more correctly, mostly Blacks, Communists and various scum are striking. Jews have weakened the very sinews of European civilization at every level. And now, all sorts of weird new trends are coming to the fore.

Nowadays, more and more, people can refuse to take orders and then they are hardly punished for it. Decades ago, you might have gone to prison for certain things. But now you just refuse to do things.

Jews have weakened not only the Western World, but also other nations that they did not set out to harm. The only exception is China where China executes lots of people annually.

The sickness that Jews have brought to the Western world, and initially to harm Whites is actually moving into all sorts of unexpected directions which will also work for us.

The general break-down in discipline has grown to such a degree that I think most nations on Earth have been harmed and are partly dysfunctional.

So it’s not all bad actually. There are lots of things we can exploit for ourselves.

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