NEEDED: White Revolution against the Treasonous, anti-White, Jew-loving Elite

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When you learn about the Jews it really shocks your system. I discuss nutty ideas on the White Right & how nobody was nuttier than me. But this nuttiness is good news. Whites are DISCONNECTING from the Jew World Order. Its time to dump it.

This is from a discussion with a lady in the USA I’ve known for long. She wrote:
Question: what do they do when we, of our own, throw off the masters (bankers, Kazars etc) and join up with normal people? Have you seen any such cases?

My reply:

Hitler is exactly such a case. The ELITE are arrogant punks. They ignore the Police and Army.

The Elite are out of control, especially in your country.

Here in SA, our very treasonous elite have worked intensely with the blacks, totally dumping the Whites.

It is a very important lesson. Maybe I must do a video about it. I can show you what they tried and how eventually it is failing.

In the end, if Whites stick together, we can fix this all.

We need a common revolution like in Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.

The Elite think they can rule the world WITHOUT whites. That is very clear from the way they work. Look at the statements they make in your media.

BTW, did you see Trump’s website? I sent it to you.

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