My VERY OLD ARCHIVES: A surprising discovery: An actual provable prediction of 911 BEFORE IT HAPPENED


I have been digging deeply into my oldest archives, which will be coming back to AfricanCrisis. The archive is enormous. It’s more than 4x the size of History Reviewed.

LOTS of what is on there, relates to stories that are either unique, or they were once on websites but all those websites are GONE.

My original reason for hauling out all this old stuff is because there are critical things I want to show Whites everywhere.

I launched my original AfricanCrisis website about 6 weeks before 911. I of course had no idea that 911 would hit us like a speeding train. There was zero indication that anything like it was coming.

However, as I got my website off the ground and I began posting news stories and my own news as well. I posted some non-African news.

While looking through my old archive, I might actually have a valid prediction of 911 BEFORE 911.

The prediction is not 100% accurate on everything. But it contains many elements that cannot be ignored. I published it in August 2000. However, it PREDICTED that the TRIGGER EVENT that would set off massive events would occur in September 2000!

So this is a 100%, genuine, pre-911 story, and the source it comes from and what it contains will shock you. It talks in quite a lot of detail.There is another story linked to it.

Some of this might actually play into the findings of Christopher Bollyn who had his own sources for 911.

If anyone can find any other PROVABLE indications of 911 warnings, BEFORE 911, I would like to see them. But this one I found in my archive is something quite out of the ordinary.

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