Albanian in America writes to me about Communism and Rhodesia and S.Africa

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[An Albanian wrote this interesting note. Jan]

He wrote:
Hi Jan. I have been listening to your work for about 8 years now, and I have to say I applaud your work. I’m an Albanian residing in America, and I can say for certain you have enlightened me about Africa and the people there. I would also like to say proudly that certain Albanians fleeing communism did work in S Africa and even Rhodesia, including the father of the current crown prince. I’ve recently been reported and cancelled by a liberal graduate student, it is very difficult living in liberal America. In particular, the way private institutions and colleges are run here is like North Korea if you say the wrong things. Anyways, I appreciate your work. Please continue and I hope S Africa can once again be a free and prosperous country for Boers and Afrikaans again.

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