Hitler said: Jews cause CONFUSION – This could be very good news

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I’m busy reading Hitler’s Table talk. Hitler at a point said that Jews cause CONFUSION. But very interestingly, he remarked that he thinks THEY DON’T ALWAYS REALISE IT WHEN THEY CAUSE IT!!!! There are lots of times, most times in fact, when Jews do things MOST DELIBERATELY AND CONSCIOUSLY AND THEY KNOW THE NEGATIVE NASTY CONSEQUENCES WHILE LYING ABOUT IT. But I do think Hitler is right that there are some times, rarer times, when Jews cause confusion without realising it.

This is actually good, because it points to the differences between Whites and Jews being deeper than one thinks. That there is a BIOLOGICAL POINT when, we truly differ, and that despite them knowing us very well and knowing our touch points, that even they don’t know the impact.

This is excellent news. It means that ultimately the breakdown between Whites and Jews is inevitable and it can’t be stopped.

When I look at many things, I do feel quite firmly that BREAKDOWN is inevitable and that Whites will just get sick and tired of everything and Whites will become ever more irritable and ultimately, rebellious and spiteful.

The White/Jew relationship has broken in Europe – thousands of times. It WILL BREAK EVERYWHERE ELSE. It cannot be stopped.

This is fantastic news. It means ultimately we will part company.

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