MY FULL ANALYSIS: MOSCOW Bridges Blown? The Jew Prigozhin’s Rebellion against Putin: Putin the Loser, Lukashenko and Prigozhin WINNERS!!!

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I had been warning in prior weeks about the things the Jew Prigozhin was saying and that he was backstabbing Putin. And it blew up into something MASSIVE.

The ending was also very weird. Why did the Jew turn around? Initially the Russians were blocking the roads. HOWEVER, I have come across firm information that the Russian Government BLEW UP BRIDGES AT MOSCOW!!! That is wild. And I hope to see if we get more info on this.

It seems 2 factors did it. Putin got his best buddy Lukashenko of Belarus to strike a deal with the Jew Prigozhin! It seems to me the bridge blowing and the negotiation actually stopped the matter.

Prigozhin was also hoping more people would join him, but that did not seem to happen.

The deal that was brokered by Lukashenko is unknown, but the Kremlin did state that Prigozhin and all his men who took part in this rebellion, which was really TREASON actually, will be PARDONED!

That is a huge sign that Putin was weakened. It seems a key issue also, was the survival of Wagner as a group was really the key game here. The Jew Prigozhin was about to lose Wagner, and regardless of all the talking, his real goal was to save Wagner and it only had a few days to live. He has definitely achieved his goal of survival.

We do not know what other concessions were carried out. There had to be many other things that caused him to stop. It was probably more than just money.

Apparently, in the Russian media, Prigozhin was NOT a BIG FIGURE. NOT!!! He was known but he was just a normal commander. These Jewish antics have TURNED HIM INTO A KNOWN POLITICAL FIGURE. He is a type of criminal – yes, but now State TV has mentioned him like never before!

There could be other things that Putin agreed to, which caused Prigozhin to back down. A key issue might have been that Shoigu be fired or demoted. We need to now see what political changes are made regarding the military leadership. If these happen then it will be proof that the Jew Prigozhin won more.

However, for now the Jew Prigozhin comes out as a winner in these ways: Wagner lives. Prigozhin has MOVED UP THE RANKS! He is now so powerful that Putin negotiates with him. This is what Prigozhin wants. He is making power plays. So he has got 2 key things. But he may have got MORE – e.g. shoigu removed. We need to see. But the Jew’s antics definitely worked.

The Jew lied about why he needed to attack Moscow. He faked the missile story. He also lied about the reason he stopped. He said no lives had been lost, when clearly people have been killed on this day. He lied that he is turning back to avoid loss of life. The real reasons are the deals and perhaps the blown bridges.

Part of the deal is that the Jew Prigozhin and Wagner must relocate to Belarus!!! This is a fascinating twist.

Let’s talk about Lukashenko and Belarus. Putin wanted Belarus to join the war against Ukraine. Belarus is small and their army is not that good and neither Lukashenko nor his army actually really want to fight Ukraine. His army is 62,000 people strong. The Ukrainians would easily smash them. Suddenly, Prigozhin and Wagner, who are the best seasoned troops on the Russian side are now in Belarus!!! This could be anything from 20,000 to 50,000 seasoned troops. This is huge. Suddenly Lukashenko has a really potent military force in Belarus. Many things can be done. They can train and help Belarus. They provide protection from Ukraine. Now Prigozhin and Lukashenko can become "friends" and allies and work together. So for Lukashenko, this is HUGE and it is his biggest WIN during this entire war. So it is a huge win for Lukashenko on all levels. Putin owes him! Prigozhin owes him AND he gets an army on his soil.

What we don’t know is what Wagner will be allowed to do. They are, for now out of the war. This is bad for Russia. Is this arrangement permanent? I cannot see Wagner sitting around doing nothing. So this has to be a temporary arrangement.

Who are the LOSERS? The losers are: RUSSIA AND PUTIN! Both are losing BIG TIME from this.

For Putin there are many issues. He now cannot trust the Jew Prigozhin any more.

Russians and their military will definitely realise there are cracks – bigger cracks in their system than before. The Russian elite know this and will be looking at whether Putin needs to go and who will replace him. This is VERY BAD FOR PUTIN.

Putin SAVED HIMSELF TODAY. But he is wounded, and this is very bad for him and for his career.

Russia is badly wounded. The military moves that Prigozhin made are horrific for Russia. It shows massive internal weakness in Russia. That he could move such long distances and take over so much and that they were already heading quite close to Moscow. All of this is very very bad for Russia.

It’s bad for Russia and bad for Putin and VERY BAD FOR RUSSIAN MORALE.

This will have bad consequences for Putin and it will shorten his life span as Russia’s leader.

Lukashenko is a huge surprise winner. It will be most interesting to see how he and Prigozhin get along and what they will do.

There are many questions. But it is a VERY BAD DAY FOR PUTIN and a bad day for Russia. The Jew Prigozhin is not finished. If Putin had power he should have killed him. Now it’s too late. The Jew Prigozhin is here to stay and he is dangerous to Russia.

Could Putin use Wagner militarily? The wisest thing would be to take Wagner and to throw them heavily into combat and keep them busy fighting Ukraine all the time.

The Ukrainians spent the whole day laughing. It was a great morale booster for them, and it shows horrible cracks in Russia.

When Napoleon was fighting in Spain, it caused him problems. And later historians referred to Spain as an ULCER for Napoleon. Russia now has an ulcer, and this ulcer is very bad for it, and for the war.

This is the beginning of the end of Putin. It depends how clever he is as to how many months or years he can survive. But he has serious problems now and none of them have an easy solution.

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