More good lockdown news from South Africa … food… though… Black Crime wave?

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These are good people. I was there in 2010. They‘re expanding and looking for more people to go there. Jan

I went shopping for food yesterday, and at a grocery store I confronted the Portuguese owner about a food item that had disappeared during lockdown. He took me and showed me that he indeed had some stock now, so I bought some.

I’m seeing the stores filling with food more and more. So its good news. I had been concerned about food, and food supplies. I was seeing the meat at another store filling up the shelves again, which had been pretty empty.

I’ve been out walking early in the morning and my neighbours, 95% of them white, were all out and about in the cold. I see lots of whites exercising. I spotted 2 blacks running for the first time. Indians and Coloureds don’t exercise. Indians being black Jews, are weak, generally.

If we open up more, the big thing to watch is crime, but we might still be a bit of away from that at this time.

However, I will monitor it. In our area the local security company was sending 2 vehicles in the morning to be around when whites are exercising. They’re driven by blacks of course. But the company is owned and run by whites. In particular, white men are at the very top making all the decisions including the tactics to be used to fight crime.

So everyone is up and about, and its looking good.

Lockdown was good, it brought some of us closer together. It turned a suburb into more of a "village" atmosphere, which will remain until lockdown ends. I think lockdown has brought good things about. I think in the end the Govt was the loser in some degree.

I look forward to us opening up more as the worst of winter hits … hopefully COVID will kill some blacks and others. I hope so!

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