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Today I completed an important test that I’d been meaning to do for quite some time. I’m quite happy now that I’ve got the solutions I wanted to my video platform problem. I wanted a place and means whereby I could put all my videos including all the banned ones.

Youtube will remain my primary platform and I have zero intention of removing myself from youtube. I don’t see why I should abandon a social media platform that is very important just because our ENEMIES do not like FREE SPEECH and above all THE TRUTH. So my goal will remain to maintain a strong prescense on Youtube no matter what. They can issue strikes and bannings and demonetize as much as they want but I won’t leave.

However, to only operate on these platforms where free speech and the truth is curtailed is irking me a *LOT* too. I DO want to say my say my own way when it suits me. So having a viable method of storing and viewing videos outside of youtube has been my key goal.

I did investigate vimeo and dailymotion and even those useless bastards LiveLeak. I tried them all. Some banned my stuff even when it was really MILD. LiveLeaks for example were a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. Useless scum. I put some videos on vimeo and one day ALL of them were gone. Then I started again. is apparently a place that many right wingers are running to. I quite like it but it limits you to 30 minute videos and most of mine are more than 30 minutes long.

I HATE having to hunt around. It wastes hours and hours of my time and I’ve spent time over many months for the last 10 months looking around.

The sad fact, the shocking fact is that as censored as youtube is, it is still the FREE-est of all the options (can you believe!). I’m serious.

I’ve had mild videos thrown off Vimeo that youtube wouldn’t bat an eye at.

Currently the best FREE SPEECH social media is – run by a Christian in America. How long it will last and when it will be ready for videos – I don’t know.

For quite some time I’d realised that running around with my videos (and I have well over a hundred videos – it must be getting closer to 150) and to keep looking for places and an audience and going through all the tedious admin and uploads, etc – its just too time consuming and wasteful AND most of my audience won’t even know where my stuff is. Its truly a waste of time and NOT a practical solution.

The only proper solution is my own solution. Due to all the actions taken against my videos endlessly and the constant threat of losing youtube channels, I now have several youtube channels and if need be I’ll create more. For my viewers that’s very confusing. BUT ITS THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP THEM! Its truly the only practical way out. And it will be a strategy I will continue to follow.

I am now happy that I have a proper strategy outside of Youtube which I can grow and use as much as I please.

Today I conducted my final tests and I’m happy now. If they come after me, even outside of youtube, I also have a strategy for dealing with that.

So starting tomorrow, I’ll begin actively uploading my BANNED VIDEOS.

NOTE: The biggest censorship exercise other than Youtube’s normal moves, and this is a CRITICAL EXERCISE – of importance to us AS A RACE – and it is this: I’ve noticed that Youtube censors videos in Europe like CRAZY. They regularly ban videos from: Germany, France, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic. 260 million whites live there. They block these videos like crazy. I think that large numbers of the finest people of our RACE are being singled out for the most hideous censorship of all. If they could be awakened it would be a GAME CHANGER for our RACE. We MUST MUST MUST get the Europeans in on the truth as much as we can. If we can’t focus on Europe it will make the struggle for our race a hundred times more difficult. The NATURAL RIGHT WINGERS OF OUR RACE ALL LIVE IN EUROPE! And the Jews KNOW IT. I’ve had so many videos banned from Europe that others of us are allowed to see. Its a typical Jewish censorship drive of the worst kind.

My website (which I later need to protect against hackers – because that will most probably come), now has a video section.

But I created a Youtube Banned Video section on it too so that people can view the videos on my site which are BANNED on youtube.

I also created a sub-section called: Videos Banned in Europe. I will ensure that every time one of my videos is banned in Europe that I’ll ensure it is in that section.

I also want to put up videos showing violence and killings so that people see the real world especially the real AFRICA. Now I can do that too.

There will be some videos which I won’t release on to youtube. They’ll go straight into these banned sections because I know some WILL BE BANNED outright on Youtube.

But starting from today, I’m going to begin taking videos, some of which have been banned for 8 months and more, and I’ll begin putting them online so that this nonsense can stop.

I’ve ALWAYS fought for FREE SPEECH and THE TRUTH and on AfricanCrisis I went to great lengths for this. And I’m going to do the same on I will notify you by email when something is banned and where to find it. I will no longer tolerate this endless harrassment and stopping of the truth.

Whenever I touch on a topic regarding Hitler or the NAZIs or WW2 Germany – regardless of what it is – these bastards and scum immediately mess with the videos.

I did a full analysis for example of a MASSIVE LIE that Canadian TV perpetrated where they showed footage claiming that these were pictures of JEWS shot by GERMANS. But I showed, in a 2 part video that what you were seeing were GERMANS SHOT BY THE AMERICAN AIRFORCE. These are not dead JEWS. These are DEAD GERMANS. You can see it all clearly. Germans, massacred like dogs by the USAF ARE PORTAYED ON CANADIAN TV AS JEWS KILLED BY EVIL NAZIS!!! That video was banned in Europe and later removed from youtube.

I did a video called: The Jew who did not pay me. That was removed from Youtube. I did a video called: Ancient Jewish Lies & the Eternal Jew. It was very popular and very informative. Also removed.

I had a video called: How the Jews trick & cheat the RICH. It was an excellent video based on statements made by Adolf Hitler on the things he uncovered when the Germans investigated rich Jews. Hitler described EXACTLY how the Jew engage in massive & I mean MASSIVE FRAUD on a scale beyond anything you can imagine. The Jews can trick entire markets and stock markets and whole industries. This video was also removed.

I did a 2 part series (of a 4 part series I planned) on Alex Linder. That too was banned off youtube.

I will be putting these videos online one after the other and you’ll be able to view them on my site.

As I put these banned videos up I’ll notify people.

NOTE: Another topic: There are many people on youtube and elsewhere who’ve realised that MASSIVE CENSORSHIP and “shadow banning” and “throttling” of videos and websites is going on. This is MASSIVE and its done at a high level. (The Jews have been speaking to Google, Microsoft, Youtube and many others). Google is a dangerous search engine. These search engines can HIDE your and my websites and ensure that we are shoved way down on the listings. On Youtube people have seen really bizarre things too. I won’t go into all of this. The scale of the campaign to shut up whites who are telling the truth is almost beyond imagination and clearly the Jews have been hard at work on HIGH as they always do.

HOWEVER, when all is said and done, regardless of how they have prevented us breaking through to the masses – which I assure you, many of us were/are capable of – we still make headway with whatever smaller audiences we still DO get through to. So despite all the trickery, lying and other devilishness, the fact is, we’ve made headway in ways that shocked the Jews. BUT WE COULD HAVE WON OVER MOST OF THE WHITE WORLD IF WE’D NOT BEEN INTERFERED WITH.

I saw with my own channel that some of my videos had the potential to go viral. One especially about Hillary, the Jews and Trump – ran for about 3 weeks non-stop and I could see it was just drawing more and more traffic. It wasn’t slowing down it was just gaining momentum. That video had the potential to go VIRAL and reach MILLIONS – and the next thing they did they came and BANNED that video suddenly. I still posted all the statistics to show how this video was going to TAKE OFF. It was going to go viral.

My video about the Jews getting into the Vatican and taking over the RC church – that video ran non-stop for about a year – building up momentum – unceasingly (and Roman Catholics loved it I must tell you) and when my channel was banned so too did I lose all my momentum.

I was going forward on my youtube channel at a great pace when they banned it in December 2016. My channel had had about 750,000 video views by the time they banned it. I reckoned I would EASILY get over a million views PER YEAR with ever increasing momentum. My thing was working. It was working big time.

But they killed my momentum and have been harrassing me non-stop since December with ever increasing intensity. But I see they’re doing it to EVERYONE. They’re shutting down accounts and banning videos and demonetizing on a *MASSIVE* scale because WHITES, using guerilla methods were putting videos all over youtube by the tens of thousands.

The Jews must have got a big fright from Trump’s election because they realised the POWER of the NON-MAINSTREAM MEDIA. There are many channels on youtube doing news analysis and more who can pull in a million and more views on a video. The Jews have, for the first time since Hitler had his own media, had competition. This is the first time since the Third Reich that the Jews have faced actual competition to their media monopoly, their Global LYING MACHINE. And they’re doing their utmost to tear it all down and to use high powered techniques to stop the message spreading because its been spreading way too fast.

So we haven’t lost. But they sure have gone into OVERDRIVE to destroy the MOMENTUM that could have enabled us to win worldwide. But they ban all sorts of things from Germans and Europeans – a massive problem.

So like on AfricanCrisis I’m going on the attack with my little setup and I’m going to do what I can. I expect my website to be hacked in the months ahead. I’ve been through this before. I expect only headwinds.

But if I can count on the support of a small group of determined people then I’m game for it all.

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