IMPORTANT WARNING: Jewish Youtube already twisting WW2 History and Hitler in many ways…

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I have noticed on Youtube that there are a lot of WW2, German and even Hitler videos. If I see something on a good historical topic that I might not have looked at or covered, I take a peek.

There were quite a few videos that were good and accurate and I’ve even posted them on my website. I don’t want to post garbage, and I’m not interested in anti-German, anti-NAZI, anti-Hitler HATRED.

But lately I’ve noticed weird Youtube videos for example that tell history about Hitler and apparently discuss Hitler and his Generals. Now that’s an important topic. It interests me. And I’ve watched some and I notice that they love using that movie version of Hitler. There is some TV series that is about Hitler and Hitler is always fuming and always angry and always out of control – like he’s some f*cking nutcase. And I see this kind of crap footage being used throughout the video while it’s discussing a serious subject.

I was watching one such video which featured an apparent discussion Hitler had with one of his generals, and the voice speaking then made some apparent statement about what Hitler supposedly said to the General and how the General and Hitler nearly came to blows, etc.

But I have never come across such a thing, and I thought some of the discussion was out of character. And most importantly, I could not determine the book or actual source of these apparent "facts".

So I just want to warn you, as I’m watching Youtube, I’m seeing a very definite, more and more anti-Hitler, anti-German, propaganda stance. Youtube is turning into Anglo-Jewish hatred of Hitler, NAZIS and Germans.

I don’t like what I’m seeing and they are definitely doing their utmost, in a rather subtle manner to once again, demonize Germans, NAZIs, and Hitler especially.

I will, as always, keep an eye open for videos that might be useful, but I want to warn you about the Youtube content and not to trust it. It has a very definite ANTI-HITLER and ANTI-NAZI angle. But especially an anti-Hitler twist.

I have read books by German Generals who had their own interactions with Hitler and two of them were fired by Hitler. But never at any time do they describe people wanting to beat each other up, for example. These men were under VERY STRESSFUL situations, where a LOT was riding on things, and I’ve never seen any description where German officers wanted to beat up other German officers or Hitler wanting to beat them up or they wanting to beat him up. They were adult men who could handle extreme stress, and even being kicked out by Hitler, and they did it and took it without wanting to punch him in the mouth or anything like that.

I suspect that Britain might also be at work on Youtube. They have an endless hatred of the Germans.

I don’t like what I am seeing.

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