Map of Jews in Europe: 1933 versus 2015 – Jews are Rich Nomads…

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[This map was drawn up by Jews themselves, to one never knows how accurate it really is. Jews are not strong on facts, and they “massage” and manipulate the truth to always serve higher Jewish goals. But assuming this is relatively accurate (maybe), the Jewish populations in much of Europe are down. In the UK the population is very slightly down. But don’t forget the incredible power and super, super, super wealth of Jewish rats like the Rothschilds, who probably OWN THE ENTIRE BRITISH ECONOMY! Jews tend to OWN entire European economies. They have probably owned the British Economy since 1815 when Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo. They have owned France also since some time after the fall of Napoleon. They possibly own the German economy? I don’t know. But on the whole, the Jews seem to be far less in most European countries which is excellent. I’m glad to see not many Jewish filth have entered Spain. But again, the wealthy might be coming first in order to colonise the Whites there. It pleases me greatly to see less Jews in Germany and most of Europe. Whites as a race have something of an economic problem which I think needs to be solved. Hitler and Mussolini were busy trying to solve that. It is generally excellent to see less Jews in Europe. But I see a lot of Jews have moved into Sweden. So that explains why Sweden is now a hell hole. The Swedes were neutral in WW2, but the Swedes will now find that for the first time, almost in centuries, that they have an existential threat and they will have to FIGHT to clear out this globalist garbage enemy from their midst. The final point I want to make is this: It should be clear from this map that Jews are nomadic parasites. Notice the massive population changes by percentage between 1933 and 2015. Whereas, the mass of WHITES have remained more or less in the same proportion in their various countries. The vast changes, by percentage, should show you that Jews truly are NOMADS and that any pretense at being citizens is a pure lie. This is why Jews should NEVER be allowed to be CITIZENS of any country. They are a nomadic people, and all Jews should be considered as citizens of Israel and NEVER allowed to hold citizenship of Western nations. They NEVER assimilate. They NEVER carry out, or take seriously the duties of states like the local Whites do. Jan]

Click on the map below to enlarge it to see the numbers clearly.

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