Liberals are NOT STUPID – They are EXTREMELY EVIL – This Evil Liberal scumbag in Congress


[Here is a story that was doing the rounds among my American friends. Read the way they describe these people. We in South Africa and Rhodesia were similarly stupid in understanding them. We also thought like these Americans. But we were wrong and so are the Americans. See my comments below the story. Jan]

Here’s the original message:

FYI – from Mahlon…
Do you believe this person is a US Congressperson!
Can’t make this stuff up???!!!!

After you enjoy the picture of this Democrat make sure you read what she has to say about defending your home under her proposed legislation. Where do these people come from? Where were they educated? What did they learn from their parents growing up? Do they have any common sense and or knowledge of how the world works at all? Do they have any understanding about criminality, law enforcement, the criminal mind or criminology? – Anonymous

Ya just can’t fix stupid

Guess the question is: Is it possible for someone to be dumber than AOC???

In Texas, State Representative Terry Meza (D-Irving) has introduced HB196.

Her bill would repeal the state’s "castle doctrine." This doctrine
allows a homeowner to use deadly force against an armed
intruder who breaks into his home.

Now listen to what she has to say…

"I’m not saying that stealing is okay," Meza explained.
"All I’m saying is that it doesn’t warrant a death penalty.
Thieves only carry weapons for self-protection and to
provide the householder an incentive to cooperate. They
just want to get their loot and get away. When the
resident tries to resist is when people get hurt. If only
one side is armed fewer people will be killed."

Meza was quick to reassure that her bill "would not totally
prevent homeowners from defending themselves.

Under the new law the homeowner’s obligation is to flee the home
at the first sign of intrusion. If fleeing is not possible, he must cooperate
with the intruder. But if violence breaks out it is the homeowner’s
responsibility to make sure no one gets hurt. The best way to achieve
this is to use the minimum non-lethal force possible because intruders
will be able to sue for any injuries they receive at the hands of the homeowner."

"In most instances the thief needs the money more than the homeowner does,
"Meza reasoned. "The homeowner’s insurance will reimburse his losses.
On balance, the transfer of property is likely to lead to a more equitable
distribution of wealth. If my bill can help make this transfer a peaceful one
so much the better."

This was my reply to my American friend:
Thanks. Nice one. But I must say that these people are NOT STUPID. They are EVIL. EVIL. I also used to fall into the mode of thinking that Liberals are stupid and they just need a little bit of "help" to fix them. NO. THEY ARE THE ENEMY. My best friend was a Jew and he was a "Liberal". And I spent 23 years debating with him. He was not stupid. But their position is their position. Ditto for many White Liberals. You do get proper White Liberals whom you can fix and teach. The "normal" ones can eventually be turned around. But Jews and certain types who are very determined can’t be changed. The firm ones, the ones with power and a firm agenda, and the Jew types too – cannot be changed. You can argue with a Jew for 200 years and you won’t make any progress. These people know what they are doing. This "fool" is merely LYING about the criminals. These people LIE INTO YOUR FACE. They think nothing of it. We think we can debate them, but we are WRONG – VERY WRONG. In the end, this will come down to Civil war and eventually shooting. It cannot be averted. These people whom we think are "just stupid" are in fact, evil liars and they smile at you. If we were on their level we would just pull out a weapon and just shoot them dead. This is not about discussion. You will see they never stop and they lie and do so while pretending to be reasonable. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! THEY ARE MORE EVIL THAN YOU KNOW!

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