Last Desperate attempts to save Matt Hale – My Email to his mother… about Trump & Saving Matt


[This is from an email I wrote to Matt's Mom as she desperately tries to use Trump to save her son. He's been such a FLOP on this point. But we can only do what we can do… Jan]

This is what I wrote to his mother:-

Hi Evelyn,Last ditch idea. Trump is on Gab. I’m not sure if he reads his messages. But maybe also ask people to leave messages for him on gab and any other social media he has (if he has any left) that are functioning.

Also, why not tell people to go to the white house website and fill in the form there, and then just give them the text to paste in there?


I do have … (CENSORED) … I’m not sure if it’s worth giving to you.

I think Trump will form a third party and things will now go wild. But it’s good.

I’m very sad that Trump has not given your son a pardon. It’s terrible. Racially he has failed us.

But, he’s the only real form of "energy" in the USA at the moment and despite him being mild, the Jews and Elite are out to wipe him out.

But I think it will backfire on them. It seems to me people are really bloody sick of things.

I will tell you, that deep inside Whites, we do have a very wild side. There is a quote from King Frederick the Great of Prussia where he says: Inside every man is a WILD BEAST.

In our race, that beast is well hidden and well controlled, just as it was among the Germans, but I think the time is fast approaching where the beast will show its face.

I think Capitol Hill and the rise of the militia, etc and also the support for Trump is the beginning of THE BEAST raising its head in the USA.

I embrace chaos, because it is out of chaos that real change comes. It does not come in any other way.

I wish we had (CENSORED) and save your son. I think the wildness will come to your country (and to the rest of the West), long before your son’s jail sentence is up.

If you can’t get him out legally, maybe one day, even the prison guards will just open the prison and let people out or people will be able to bust in. This is how revolution works.

We won’t forget Matt. Try every legal and procedural angle, but don’t give up hope.

This stuff will get nasty.

As for me, here in SA, (CENSORED) but neither will I.



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