WTF? Is the US Fed buying up STOCKS to prevent total meltdown?

I was watching Alex Linder’s favourite analyst, Max Keiser, and I nearly fell on my back when I heard that "the central bank" … I assume he means the Fed, is buying up STOCKS?

There seems to be some evidence for this that investors are dumping stocks and buying Govt bonds.

I’ll look more into it later… BUT ITS FREAKY!!!!

I am convinced the US Govt will continue to inflate the Ponzi scheme it has, because its "too big to fail"….

Luckily, the US Dollar is spread across the entire planet … make no mistake a LOT of US Dollars are floating around Africa and the Third World. This means it will take some time for hyper inflation to set in, but when it does, it will be planet wide. However, it is still a time away.

Perhaps next time the Fed won’t just print $2 trillion … next time it needs to save the economy, it will print $20 trillion and the time thereafter… $200 trillion … as the too big to fail ponzi scheme grows…

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