The Stupid Brain-Damaged Twit Biden Biden in Rain Goes Viral – So Weird People Can’t Even Tell If It’s Real

[A while back I saw Biden falling AGAIN when going up the plane's stairs. He has definitely fallen more than once. Now something else happened. Biden is one of the few Whites (like the Clintons, and a few others), I'd call White Trash and a waste of White skin. This asshole is MEDICALLY UNFIT to be the US President. And he crawls around Jews and at least one of his kids is married to a Jew. This is the kind of shit you get when Jews have power. Jan]

t’s a question America finds itself asking far too often: Is President Joe Biden OK?

In fact, there are so many reasons to ask this question that you almost have to demarcate the genre of predicament that raised the question in the first place. Is it just a general, existential concern for the well-being of a man who rarely seems well? Or did he make a specific verbal gaffe that no person not in the throes of dramatically diminishing returns would utter? (“Let me start with two words: Made in America!”)

Did he tell a lie of such dramatic proportions that it makes you wonder whether he still knows what reality is? Did he slur his words so badly that you couldn’t even tell whether it was a lie? Or was the issue physical? Did he fall off of a bike or stairs — again?

This time, the concern seems to be those tricky ol’ stairs. Conservative blogger Amy Moreno noticed an unusual photograph of the president in the rain that she said popped up “online w/no context – did this klutzy cadaver fall again?”

It certainly looks that way:

Here’s the Twitter link:

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