Keeping White people down & breaking our spirits … that’s what Jews demand…


Whenever you hear all the shrieking and howling about White Supremacism, etc, etc. Don’t even give it a second thought. The real game in town, is that Jews need to BREAK OUR SPIRITS. I have wondered to myself, how much actual harm, in terms of psychological harm and even damage to health, leading to premature DEATH … have Whites experienced as a direct result of Jewish Liberal crap?

Why is "supremacism" such an evil thing?

Well it isn’t.

If you were a sportsman who believed in your abilities you’d be a "supremacist" in whatever sport it is that you are good at.

So why shouldn’t White people be PROUD of their achievements, both historically and in the modern times? It is only Jews who are attacking us. My own thinking is that they do this because otherwise we would LAUGH IN THEIR FACES at their disgusting worthless ideas. We would NEVER, WILLINGLY, accept Liberalism or Diversity or similar assorted crap if we were allowed to be ourselves.

The Romans and the Greeks, laughed at the Jews to scorn when the Jews claimed, in their normal lying, BS ways, to have invented civilisation. (See: The Great Jewish Mask).

If we were like the Romans and Greeks, we would have laughed Liberalism and Diversity to scorn, and gone out and done some NAZI salutes.

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