Jews shutting down some comments on Bitchute? – Jews FEAR THE TRUTH FROM WHITES!!!


[I'm not fully sure how much control and damage Jews are doing on Bitchute, but here are 2 comments from readers on my website and what they are saying. I totally agree the Jews are insecure. Big time. But when the paranoid race of shit are insecure … then whites have to be destroyed one by one … financially…. legally… and in courts of law. They DO FEAR that their crimes and RAMPANT TREASON is going to spread among whites and they have to shut it all up. They are such garbage. Jan]

This is what the 2 readers wrote:

Looks like the jews have shut down the comments on Bitchute.

I can’t even get the new comment system to load on the app. Unbelievable!


8:53 p.m., Saturday Aug. 29

Teutonic-beauty wrote:

This is a sign that our enemies are not as strong and secure in their fraudulent, and terrorist control of our nations! This is a true sign of weakness – they are nothing but a huge gang of paranoid, plundering, filthy, murdering, child-raping, inbred scum!

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