A BIG British lie about White Right Wing in S.Africa terrorising Nelson Mandela with miniature nuclear bombs


While doing some research, I spotted a few important sentences. Britain’s Channel 4, I think, came up with a theory many years ago, that Nelson Mandela could not do all the things he wanted to South Africa because the white right wing had miniature nuclear bombs and they were using them to threaten Mandela if he did certain things.

It is possible that Channel 4, who came to SA and tried to make this story fly, might have been given this task by the British Govt or intelligence or some Jew. But I thought it worth recording this event. Here are some sentences from a military analysis that pertain to the fact that this lie was once doing the rounds:

…. it is “worth mentioning” that two British authors (Peter Hounam & Steve McQuillan, The mini-nuke conspiracy: Mandela’s nuclear nightmare, Faber and Faber, London, 1995) ….

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