Confederates were RIGHT: Southerner: I’m so SICK of Northern Liberalism… Jared Taylor & Israel


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I spotted this comment which many people upvoted on Amren, where Jared Taylor talks about race and blacks, but then happily gives Israelis a long interview. Taylor clearly is paving the way, as all the upper class and monied types do, to striking deals with Jews … YET AGAIN … which is the root of the original problem. Anyhow, it is clear that even on Amren, many people are more hardcore than Jared. He does publish some good stuff, and he goes after blacks with ease, but then does a 180 degree about face on Jews. I think he’s married to a Jewish woman. And Alex Jones too was married to a Jewish woman and then he announced publicly with much ado that he had divorced. I don’t trust Alex Jones. Anyhow, on Amren, I spotted this nice comment from a southerner. This comment got a lot of upvotes, as it well should. It’s time to realise that JEWISH LIBERAL HAS GONE WAY OVER THE EDGE. Whites need to resist this thing for all we are worth. BTW, the notion that Liberalism is some kind of "enlightened path forward" is pure garbage. Its a myth that’s stood for a few centuries and it needs to be shattered. Jan]

The southerner wrote:

As an adopted son of the South, I have to say I’m enjoying watching Northern liberal cities eat themselves over imagined racial incidents. I grew up having to listen to Yankee lectures about how they were oh-so-much-better than people like me, what their enlightened approach to race and all.

Let’s see – Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Wisconsin……… Not a lot of stars & bars flying around there.

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