JEWS HATE THE TRUTH: David Irving’s tours to Holocaust DEATH CAMPS STOPPED! – My comments

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A South African buddy of mine went with David Irving on his tour of the so-called DEATH CAMPS … you know … the fantasy places in Europe, like Auschwitz, where apparently… the horrible NAZIS, especially the SS, were spending all their time gassing and burning dead Jews! The place where the magical 6 million died at the evil hands of Dr Mengele, etc, etc.

Well my buddy told me in an email that the Jews have stopped David Irving’s tours! You see, Irving was taking whites there and showing them these so-called “Death Camps” and then people could see and listen to the real stories of what actually happened. Well Jews clearly don’t like “skeptical whites” going and checking out, FIRST HAND, the physical places that world Jewry is lying about!

So the sad, bad news is that David Irving has been threatened in some way by Govts now, and one cannot blame this fantastic man, because he might be thrown in jail at the whim of some Jewish piece of shit hiding in some European govt somewhere.

Here is what my friend wrote:

David Irving was advertising his ‘Operation Reinhard’ tour again for this September…. I found this quite bold of him because of his concern for reprisals on the last tour. The Jewish media have made a concerted effort to ensure that the countries involved curb his movements. I don’t know how this could be implemented now with open borders.  (See attached advert which was displayed on aforementioned link)

I made contact with his (German) proof reader who confirmed that the tour was cancelled off as DI did not wish to overstep the law which I thought was a poor excuse…. I think that DI is concerned for his safety knowing how Jews operate…. these bastards will have no compunction in bumping him off.

So I agree with my friend … David Irving might either get “bumped off” by world Jewish scum, or he could easily find himself in jail. He has already been caught and thrown in jail before many years ago.


My friend also told me some real weird stuff he saw last year in Eastern Europe. It appears to me that the Jews are BUILDING FAKE NEW SECTIONS OF THESE SO-CALLED NAZI DEATH CAMPS! There’s real weird stuff going on in Eastern Europe.

As for the Jewish lies about the SS … the SS were too busy to kill the stupid, lazy, worthless scum Jews … they were TOO BUSY KILLING COMMUNISTS AND JEWS IN THE JEWISH SOVIET UNION!!!

Jews are garbage, and our European brethren have patiently known this fact for the last 2,000 years. Sadly now, our European brethren are trapped in a Jewish hell in their own countries. What a dreadful state of affairs for our race, and for Europe. It makes me sick.

Below is a shrieking Jewish headline about Irving and the tour … the tour the Jewish filth have now stopped. Garbage. They should be ejected from white civilisation. Notice also “The Eternal Jew” at work, as the Germans used to say … all the begging for money for Israel and Jews. Race of scum. Jan]

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