Jews divided over hard (violent) vs soft (peaceful) revolution to capture the USA

[This is a paragraph from one of my readers about Jews. I left out the parts where the writer writes about why he hates both Trump and Biden and why Trump is a traitor to his race … and the Jews control of the elections. I think this paragraph below is very important. Jews never came to the USA to leave white Americans in peace. They came to change America … as they do to every nation that the race of rats set foot in. Jan]

The comments:
There has always been an ongoing war against White civilization where Jews have been divided over hard and soft (violent and peaceful) revolution. Back in 1917, they knew that Russian was ripe for hard revolution, but they believed they had to be more surreptitious with the United States. The soft revolutionaries among the Jews believed that slowly taking over all of our institutions and changing our laws would be the preferred way to destroy this country. Trump has taken the baton from previous presidents and is going in the same direction, continuing the slow process of destroying the country.

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