Video: EXCELLENT: American woman lives every day like it’s 1958 – My Comments

[This is very cool. I especially like that she confirms that the older appliances from the 1950s last longer. She discovered herself. She found herself and she is very happy. When she found herself she felt beautiful and happy and lady-like. I know an American lady who worships the Victorian era and she feels happy and ladylike in that era. The bottom line is that Whites are feeling less and less comfortable in this "modern" (read: retarded mockery of Western civilisation – This Judeo-Nubian mockery of the West). Take a look at this American woman who lives like a woman, looks like a lady, feels happier and more attractive and looks happier and more attractive. NOTE: The real reason Western civilisation is going down is because of us accommodating the Jews – but that's another topic. The point is, that we have lost control of our civilisation and that is why Whites are red pilling and looking at almost anything in the PAST – BECAUSE IT WAS BETTER. Check out this short video and you'll see. It turns out this lady later got her own youtube channel and she takes people on a tour of her home. I've put both videos below. Enjoy … and BE WHITE …. BE YOURSELF … and YOU WILL BE HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER. I'm not joking with you. I'm serious. Liberalism is KILLING US ALL. Jan]

BTW: I just about fell on my back when I discovered, in the 2nd video, that microwave ovens actually existed in the 1950s!!!!! But they were insanely expensive.

Here’s a full tour of her home:

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