Jews at work? Paypal??? Weird angry email from Donor about money disappearing from his US Bank A/c

I had a very strange interaction with a long time supporter on my website. He was very angry with me and claimed that money was being removed from his bank account and that he believed it was me!!!!

The only time I recall that money was able to come to me monthly was due to Paypal, when I still had Paypal – which is a long time ago – I think at least 3+ years ago.

I replied to the supporter and he was insistent and said that he would even show me his bank statements.

I told him he must send them to me so I can take a look.

This is very very weird. I’m wondering if this is a hang-over from the time when I had Paypal.

With all the weird Jewish doxxing in the USA, I am wondering if other things are at work?

I also had an incident recently where a company put a freeze on an account of mine and when I asked why, they told me that someone had tried to break in.

So some weird shit is going on.

There is weird stuff going on in the USA and I suspect Jews might be at work.

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