JEWS VERY HARD AT WORK IN 2020: The Flu D’etat and The Spun-taneous Street Demon-strations

[Mike King writes well. I like the summary at the top of the article. However, I’ve not had time to look into a deeper analysis. My main view though is that whenever the JEWs are screeching about "white cop kills innocent black man", then it returns me to my previous analyses that Jews are busy trying to bust down law and order and doing what they love the most: STIRRING UP HATRED AND VIOLENCE AGAINST WHITES. In the end, they’re using violence and fake analysis and fake data to pretend that whites are working against innocent blacks … in this case a black who I believe had been in prison. The bottom line is they’re destabilising the USA, and working to destroy internal law and order while at the same time ENCOURAGING BLACKS TO BE MORE VIOLENT. Jews are preparing the USA for race war and communism and for throwing blacks at whites under ever more bogus and desperate reasons. Of course they want Trump gone this year. I like the quick summary of Mike King where he speaks of "what is a globalist (read: JEW) to do?" …

In late 2019, the "Russian Collusion" Hoax finally faded away with a whimper. Within a matter of days, the "Get Trump" movement then seamlessly flowed into the "Ukrainian Phone Call" Hoax and subsequent impeachment circus of January 2020. Not long after that effort at removing Trump fell flat, the Stupid-19 Scamdemic was launched worldwide — the objective being to crash the world economy, blame Trump, take out nationalist leaders in other countries, and impose a tyrannical system of implanted-microchip control under the guise of "safety."

Though the damaging effects of this "flu d’etat" are still ongoing and continuing to unfold; the moronic mania over a common cold is indeed subsiding among short-attention-span normies — as is the political threat to Trump. So, what’s a Globalist to do now? It’s back to the tried and trusted R&R playbook — that stands for Racism & Rioting — which Fake News is predictably blaming on Trump.

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