Jews at work: Jim and Diane Present – EZ, The Persecution (Witch Hunt) of Fred Leuchter, Feb 14, 2021


[Nice work as always from Jim and Diane! Jan]

Jim and Diane Present – EZ, The Persecution (Witch Hunt) of Fred Leuchter, Feb 14, 2021

Fred Leuchter talks about his life and times dealing with the Holocaust fallout back in the early 1990’s, Feb 13, 2021

Jim and Diane Present – Jim, Joe and Fred – THE LEUCHTER REPORT 2021, Feb 18, 2021

The Rizolis pin down Fred Leuchter on his CERTIFICATION as an EXPERT in the matters of Homicidal gassings, hangings, and the electric chair and how his EXPERTISE caused a problem for the Holocaust crazies…

Why are you seeing this post?
The school systems all over the world are being forced fed by forcing the holocaust down the throats of gullible school kids on the story of the holocaust where obscene notions that during WW2 the Jews in the Concentration Camps were turned into soap, skin lampshades, shrunken heads and they have taken their story to the extent that now they state that the Jews were put into homicidal gas chambers…and their kids…If they had their faithful pets with them those would have been put into the stories…

This story came under great scrutiny during the famous Zundel Trials in the late 80’s and an EXPERT in the field of human gassings was asked to come into the picture and give his EXPERTISE….That man, Fred Leuchter did that, he did it honestly, professionally and he produced a report called the Leuchter Report….Now, remember, Fred Leuchter and his personal views on the Holocaust, was NEUTRAL, he had no bone in this fight…He told the TRUTH and that TRUTH exposed the Jewish LIES of homicidal gassings…

Fred Leuchter needs to come to the schools to give the kids the real story of what happened in Europe in these concentration camps… Listening to these Jewish fraudsters telling stories of homicidal gassings needs to end… it’s shameful and personally, their fraud storytelling is CHILD ABUSE….

My last posting on his other video was here.

All Fred Leuchter did was give his EXPERTISE that even USA prison officials came to for his expertise until the Jews decided that they needed to shut him up because it exposed their holocaust lies…

This is MIND CONTROL, believing something that has been made up and trying to pass those lies on to others…Even the soap story was thrown into the trash by the Jewish experts themselves along with the skin lampshades…YET those stories are still told in the schools to impressionable kids.

People should be outraged at how Fred Leuchter was dealt with by these Jews, again watch the other video. Get EDUCATED people…

People wake up…..Stop being controlled by kiss ass Jewish lies. For all you parents, If your school kids are being taught that the Jews were being turned into soap and lampshades and were gassed in homicidal gas chambers it’s time you start telling them the truth because learning this information much later in life can get you pretty mad..
Joe Rizoli


Fred’s written story is here. You won’t find this in the searches for him because the Jewish negativity, slander, defamation, and libel, has taken over the search engines which is typical for them…
They are between a rock and a hard place but they can’t go back.
I saved you quite a bit of time getting his TRUTH here not Jewish lies..

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