Pro-Trump Protesters Smash Media Camera Equipment: “This Is What Traitors Get” – My Comments

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AIDS is making Blacks crazy in so many ways. First it was the raping of babies which has not stopped. But now they are turning to bestiality. I have mentioned such stories in the past and put them on the site.

[I was fascinated, delighted and pleased to see White Americans so angry. And to see this aimed at the Mass Media is AWESOME. I have such a contempt for the Mass Media. As a supporter in the Netherlands said to me recently, the average journalist nowadays is just a COMMUNIST! That is so true. The Mass Media is just a propaganda machine for the Jews and the Elite. They use this tool on a massive scale. This hateful anti-White type of organisation needs to be destroyed. And it delights me to see such anger. Jan]

The bits of film footage showing whites smashing media cameras is awesome. It shows you Whites can get angry. Our race IS going to get angry. The time is coming.

At this link are 2 short videos:

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