Jews at Work: British PM Theresa May Backs South African Land Grab from White Farmers

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[Jews hate white people and the Jewish controlled British show, time and again, in our faces, how they love, support and cavort with our WORST ENEMIES! This is Jewish behaviour. A Jew finds your ENEMY and works with your ENEMY to destroy YOU!! This is how Jews work. Jewish controlled Britain has been working to destroy the whites of South Africa, especially the Boers, since 1835. There has been almost 200 years of Jewish malice towards the Boers including arming blacks to kill whites! Ramaphosa is a communist. Jan]

British Prime Minister Theresa May has given her full support to the South African Government for their “no compensation” land reform.Being dubbed as “White genocide,” farmers, some whose families have occupied the land for over 400 years, are being thrown off their land by violent gangs, with some being killed in the process.South Africa’s leaders are now looking to change the country’s constitution, allowing them to take the land legally without having to pay the farmers compensation for taking their land.PM May says she fully supports this process provided they change the constitution to make it “legal.”

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