JEWS are the ULTIMATE COWARDS, SCUM & DREGS of humanity – From a White South African…

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White South African Murders page: Murders of Whites from 1996 to 2016
On this page, are collections of the names and details of Whites who were murdered during the period 1996 to 2016. The true number of Whites killed in South Africa since 1994, is stupendous, and nobody has got even a fraction of all the names. But this is the most comprehensive collection that the Boere State Party has currently. My own attorney told me that he thinks 100,000 Whites have been murdered during Black rule.

This is a comment from one of my readers here in South Africa. This is the race of shit, who spent their time knifing the whites of South Africa, especially the Boers in the back. He says one can hardly understate what I am saying in my videos:

Commenting on your recount on the “bravery” of Jews, when I was at school in the ’60’s we all had to partake in cadets every Friday afternoon for a couple of hours. This was the norm at every school across the country. Male teachers were required to act as officers and it was expected that they knew about Army drill to instil discipline amongst the ranks. We had a jewish teacher and when he had to present himself on the field for drill, he had his putties on the wrong way round with the buckles on the inside of the ankle instead of on the outside. This just reflects the lengths that all the jews would go to to escape conscription to active duty. All of the Jews at my school went to varsity and then got themselves jobs thereafter in essential services which exempted them from the call-up. It must be noted that the varsity was full of Jews and these are the ones who stoked up anti-apartheid sentiments at all the varsities across the country.

When I bought my discharge from the Navy in March 1970, I went to the Fire Department and guess what? Not one Jew in the whole department. When you say they are cowards, Jan, that is a gross understatement. I don’t know if there’s a word for their cowardly ways. Maybe pusillanimous or craven would be a better attempt to describe them.

In my three years, first in the Air Force and later in the Navy, I never, ever came across one Jew, NOT ONE, who was in the active citizen Force. When speaking to a couple of Zulus, because I speak the lingo, they had nothing but utter contempt for Jews and Muslims. They told me that Jews were the absolute dregs of white society because, as you stated, the black doesn’t know that Jews are not white, and that the Muslims were the worst Indians, ever.

If anybody is responsible for the unrest in South Africa, these Jews, that ducked the conscription during the Late ’60’s and early ’70’s, are the ones. And also, let’s not forget how many ducked out of the country at that time to go and spread their slime all over Europe and America.

Let’s face it, the Jews in this country have got a lot to answer for.

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VIDEO: BIG RUSSIAN LIES: How many Russians have died in the Ukraine war?
Putin and the Russian Government tell insane lies about how many Russian troops have died. In this comprehensive article and this short BBC video you will see the best estimates I can give based on all the data I have seen about how many Russian and Ukrainian Troops have actually been KILLED up to 16th June 2023.

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