From a US College Lecturer on the sad State of White America … obese sheep, Biden – The White race WILL SURVIVE!!

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[This is from a discussion I was having with a White man who is a lecturer in a US college. Jan]

This is what he wrote to me:-

Just to let you know, with Biden’s "election", daily affairs and life are becoming more difficult in the US for whites. … snip … Now, due to the vaccine mandate, I most likely will lose my teaching jobs coming up this spring. I will not get the federally-mandated vaccination as I believe there is strong evidence that it has potentially deadly side effects. Especially cardiac side effects which mostly affect men. … snip … When I go out, I look around and see lost people who are soft, obese and often have their faces on cell phones even while crossing the street or driving. They are the sheep that are complying with the government and destroying our Constitutional rights. Economic conditions are critical here with the entire economy and much of the social system propped up on inconceivable piles of debt. Financial collapse is our future with a great culling-out of much of the population, especially the parasites and those that aid them. Unfortunately, a lot of good people will be caught up in this and suffer too. The re-establishment of Darwinian conditions will be brutal. … snip … I strongly believe we, as a race, will survive and prosper. Never forget whites survived ice-age Europe. Our ancestors were hard and tested survivors. We can do this again.

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