Jack Dorsey is an IDIOT – JEWS ARE THE PROBLEM – Twitter Founder Wants to ‘Splinter’ All Gov’t Intel Agencies, Attaches Haunting Pic with Plea

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Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted earlier this week that multiple federal intelligence agencies should be broken apart and scattered “into the winds.”

The peculiar post begs at least one question: Where was this sentiment when his former platform colluded with those same agencies in order to influence elections and censor American citizens?

In Dorsey’s case, perhaps his awakening is better late than never.

On Tuesday of this week, he tweeted, “Splinter the CIA, NSA, and FBI into a thousand pieces and scatter them into the winds.”

Peculiarly, Dorsey also shared a link to a portrait of former President John F. Kennedy.

It isn’t clear why Dorsey posted about corrupt American intel agencies or why he drew a correlation between them and a president whose 1963 assassination has been accompanied by six decades of theories of government involvement.

It has been alleged by the former president’s own nephew that JFK was taken out by the CIA.

Robert Kennedy Jr., who is running for president as a Democrat in 2024, has been vocal about one such theory:

Dorsey has not endorsed Kennedy’s bid to unseat President Joe Biden, but he has shared some of the candidate’s thoughts on vaccines and the death of his uncle online.

Many who came across Dorsey’s post about demolishing the intelligence agencies pointed out that he made Twitter an ally to some of these agencies:

None of what he’s said since he stepped down explains why the tech billionaire never bothered to use his power at Twitter to protect the speech and information of its users from agencies that worked to influence the last election.

Dorsey oversaw a Twitter that shut down users who shared opinions that challenged official lines on issues such as COVID.

During his leadership at the company, Twitter suppressed reporting from The New York Post — a credible newspaper — about files found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Former intel agents had conveniently and falsely labeled the laptop as Russian disinformation weeks before a presidential election.

It isn’t clear what Dorsey’s angle is at this point.

Perhaps he’s seen firsthand how public and private sector relationships chill free speech, and he’s offering a sort of mea culpa without admitting any guilt.

There is also the possibility the former Twitter CEO is trying to recover his image now that he’s primed to launch a new social media network called Bluesky.

Freedom of expression never goes out of style, while tech executives who have worked to undermine it are a dime a dozen.

There is no denying the odd timing of Dorsey’s sudden disdain for overreaching federal government agencies.

It comes as he prepares to try to compete with Elon Musk.

Source: https://www.westernjournal.com/twitter-founder-wants-splinter-govt-intel-agencies-attaches-haunting-pic-plea/

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