Jewish Twitter whacks tens of thousands of Conservative supporters in minutes!

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[I think the Jews/Liberals have scored an own goal by hitting Conservatives! If they are this intolerant of even the weak, wishy, washy Conservatives then this is GREAT! This forces the Conservatives into the same arena as we RACIALISTS. In fact, I think it is a sign of real weakness if the Jews/Liberals can’t even stand the weak, pathetic, Jew-free, non-racist attacks of the very pathetic Conservatives. It is also instructive that Jewish Twitter has to continue on finding ways of getting rid of people off Twitter … after having already destroyed so very many of us over the last 2 years.

I think the Jews/Liberals must really be extremely threatened if they have to keep up this level of activity on something as utterly mild as Twitter where the Conservatives really don’t pose a threat.

This is definitely a sign that our cause is hurting the Jews. They’re in pain even from the soft, pathetic Conservatives … wait until we RACIALISTS/NAZIS sink our TEETH into our Jewish enemies … yum yum! Jan]

Here’s an Info Wars article about it. Note how Info Wars can’t even manage to use the word “Jew”, so they misrepresent it by saying “Big Tech”:-


Big tech censorship is totally out of control


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