Jewish hell in Germany: Alfred & Monika’s Trial update from 4th July 2018


[I’m running very far behind on my updates on the trial of Alfred and Monika Schaefer in Germany. I’m going to post the reports one by one because there was a LOT that went on. Later I will do a video where I discuss what happened. But all in all, I have nothing but the UTMOST ADMIRATION for what Alfred did. He did FANTASTICALLY! And the legendary Sylvia Stolz was helping him too. She and her husband, Horst Mahler are legends! The finest whites you can find! All the best white people are sitting in JAIL, especially in Germany!

This is a translation from a German article.

I highlighted certain parts that seem important to me. Jan]

The “dancer” is exchanged
endederluege General 4 July 2018
The article in Russian – ?????? – ?? ??????? ?????

Since we cannot look into the minds of those involved – one often only
sees the nose from the front – we can only speculate about so many

After our Alfred was set free again yesterday, it seems that one of the
participants did not work well enough. In this case, it could have been
the representative of the prosecuting authority (in a genuine
constitutional state these persons are called prosecutors) who caused
the displeasure of the background forces. Suddenly a new “dancer” was
presented today.

Perhaps the “dancer” now recognizes what role she was meant to play in
this false game. I would like to wish it on her.

There were some minor (legal) skirmishes today because the chairman very
obviously wanted to curtail the rights of the defendants. Since he now
seems to have realized that the lawyers of “evil” history auditors are
not yesterday either, we can look forward to the coming hearing days.
Any attempt by the captains and the dancer to override the simplest
rules of a court hearing in a foolhardy and bold manner is excellently
parried by the lawyers of the defence.

There is another very important question in the room: “Why must the
defendant, Monika Schaefer, who has now been detained in the dungeon
since January 3, 2018, remain in it until a sentence is passed?”

Logically, the same right should apply to her as to her brother. To keep
Monika Schaefer imprisoned under the pretext of the “risk of escape” is
complete nonsense. In her case too, a judge had already pleaded to
release her subject to conditions. As was to be expected, the
representative of the prosecuting authority had intervened here.

The world will be curious to see how the lawyer will react to a new
application when he demands the release of his client. A negative
decision would undoubtedly reveal the arbitrariness with which this
regime takes action against dissenters. And again many people would be
made more clearly aware that the FRG is in no way inferior to the acts
of terrorism in Bolshevik Russia.

At the end of this day I would like to pass on to you a small, very nice
message which reached me several times in similar forms. I found them
most touching and that’s why I chose them:

Dear Henry,
I read the short report.

I would like to ask you if it would help to contribute to the high cost
of this tiny puppy by making a bank transfer? (She means Alfred’s little

So that Mr. Alfred Schaefer can enjoy his little dog even more and does
not have to reduce the feed costs (because of the high deposit).
So he doesn’t have to carry them all by himself.

Be clear about the fact that dissenters in the FRG cannot start appeals
for donations in which an account connection is mentioned. Because this
account then existed – quite by chance, of course – for the longest time.

If you would like to contribute to “dog food”, you will certainly come
up with an idea how it could also work without “Federal Reserve”

2 thoughts on “Jewish hell in Germany: Alfred & Monika’s Trial update from 4th July 2018

  • 18th August 2018 at 11:19 pm

    Any updates on Monika and Alfred situation?

  • 18th August 2018 at 7:13 pm

    thanks for truth in Germany i get your information in Email and reposted this information in chat room and talk about it on my internet radio show, and THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD HITLER is a good place to start 🙂 be well and Truth now in Germany 🙂


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