Radio Wehrwolf: Make Whites Savage Again!!

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18 Pics: RACE TRAITOR: Charlize Theron is a piece of shit! She is HATED INTENSELY in S.Africa!
She grew up in S.Africa, but now that she‘s a big star in Jewish Hollywood she is utterly disgusting. Look at these photos and you‘ll see what a total TRAITOR she is to Boere-Afrikaners.

[I really like the work that Dion Wehrwolf does! I’m in total agreement: MAKE WHITES SAVAGE AGAIN! Jan]

We’re back! On this edition of Radio Wehrwolf Dion returns with a new co-host, Strongside. They discuss the state of the Nation, a preview of the next coming weeks, doing drugs, and soy boys

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Video: S.Africa: SECESSION: The ONLY HOPE for Whites: My discussion with a Lawyer
Secession, secession, secession! This is the JET AIRCRAFT to Freedom for Whites in South Africa. Nothing else has the potential of this concept. Youll understand why I think this is the most awesome thing that anyone in South Africa can do. In this video youll hear a detailed discussion with my attorney who did a lot of legal work on secession along with other attorneys.

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