Jewish hatred and harrassment of Alison Chabloz: Do the BRITISH realise where this is taking their nation?

[Fred Leuchter and I were chatting about the dreadful things that are happening in Jewish Britain, where the Royal Family are themselves half Jews. Jan]

Fred wrote this to me:


Runnymede is officially in the trash can. Certainly a Bill of Attainder from which there is no return. I hope the Brits understand what this means!


I asked for clarification, so he wrote in more detail:

Hi Jan,

Runnymede is where the Nobles forced King John to sigh the Magna Charta and A Bill of Attainder is a written document (instrument) whereby the British King would strip a Noble (thereafter Citizen) of all his Rights, Lands and Possessions. These rights of the Nobles eventually applied to the Citizens of Britain and thus to the Colonists in what would become the United States. A Bill of Attainder is strictly prohibited in the Fourth Article of the US Constitution. This is what was done to Alison Chabloz. As they say "a rose by any other name…". They have violated their own Law! So much for Common Law!


I replied:

The only thing our people need is the TRUTH … once they perceive the TRUTH, they will do whatever is necessary.

In this Jewish nightmare, this could still end up totally backfiring on the Jews and we could be building the first true unity of our race that we’ve known in perhaps 2,000 years.
Our people are actually strong, and we NEED ENEMIES and we NEED A CHALLENGE. All our NATURAL INSTINCTS are designed for that.

I remain utterly convinced that the truth alone can change everything and I see examples of that again and again.

And the Jews are doing their UTMOST to stop the spread of the truth.

I believe, based on my studies of Napoleon and Hitler, that the true path forward is through the COMMON WHITE.

The Elite need to be dumped and smashed … and only the common Whites will push forward the correct agenda that will be best for all of us.

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