Jewish Deflection at work: The Jew Henry Makow deflects Jew to Masonic Jewish

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White Dating! Love is not just looking at each other, it‘s looking in the same direction.

[I have stopped publishing anything from Jews like Makow or Unz. I used to publish their stuff and warn people. Now I just don't publish it at all. Take a look at the title of this story from Makow where he clearly tries to hide JEWS by merging it with "Masonic Jewish" as if to imply that there are only SOME JEWS who are "Masonic" and evil. This is just part of the business of hiding the JEWS AS A GROUP. Jan]

This was the title I saw: Trump, DeSantis & the Masonic Jewish (Right-Left) Tag Team

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Video: JEWS102: The Jewish Strategy Of Lying
This is an important video I made several years ago where I analysed the Truth vs Lies as a strategy.

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