The Canadian Supreme Court forced Google to De-Index websites across the world


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[What people don't realise is the power of COURTS to change the Internet. I realised this back in 2017 regarding Google and Youtube when I did an investigation of my own. In the issue below, the Canadian Supreme Court FORCED Google to de-index certain websites. In other words to remove certain websites from their search engines so that people cannot accidentally or deliberately see those websites. It seems to me that Google told the Court that if they had to remove websites that they could not remove them for Canada alone. If they had to remove the websites to comply with Canadian law then they'd have to remove it for everyone. And the Canadian Supreme Court forced them to remove (de-index) those websites for the world. What this means is that Americans, who have the most free speech on the planet are actually impacted indirectly by laws in other countries. This is a rare case where one nation's laws were forced across the planet because that was the only way it could be done. However that is not always the case. Jan]

This is a short excerpt regarding the case: Google Inc v. Equustek Solutions Inc. (Equusteck I)

The issue revolved around whether Google could be compelled to de-index certain websites globally to comply with Canadian law, which raised questions about the extraterritorial reach of court orders.

The Supreme Court of Canada granted an interlocutory injunction against Google to remove all of a company’s websites from its worldwide search engine. Google was a third party to the underlying dispute, which concerned a claim by Equustek (plaintiff) against Datalink (defendant) over intellectual property infringement.

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