The (White, Viking) King of Africa – The Germans in North Africa

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[This is a very interesting note from one of my supporters. I went and quickly checked and indeed King Roger was also called the King of Africa. I've never looked into this but this is fascinating indeed. A topic that is of interest to me is the German tribe that came down into North Africa and conquered North Africa and lived there for about 200 years. All these things are fascinating and I'll keep an eye open for King Rogert. Jan]

This is what my supporter wrote:-
Regarding the education of our white children, these facts are of great importance.

King Roger, aka King Ruggero, was possibly the King who has been erased from memory because his significance would expose the importance of the Vikings in Europe and the world.
The Normans were French and they conquered the Anglo Saxon in England during the Norman invasion, end of story. But no. The Vikings, living in the North of France, invaded England. It is purposely confusing to call these people anything but Vikings. One could explain that Nors is short for North or North Man Norsman were Vikings. By the way, The Vikings discovered America. Leif Ericson sailed to America long before anyone else in Europe, as far as we have documented.

In the year 1130 King Roger the Second was crowned King of Sicily by the Pope. In 1148 King Roger was crowned King of Africa by the Pope.
King Roger was a Viking. That is he was the grandson and great grandson of a famous Viking from the North. He would become known as THE GREATEST.

King Roger2 made Sicily rich, and put down the foundation for what would later become the Renaissance.

Roger was essential to establishing the Silk Road to China.

Roger convened a group of scholars who mapped the geography of the world.

Roger’s maps were used for centuries.

His accomplishments are many.

His descendants were a dynasty.

His relatives, Viking descended, made up the majority of the kings and queens of Europe

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