Jewish Bolshevik USSR: The Russians/Bolsheviks decided in 1928 that Blacks would rule S.Africa

Just a little bit of quick history:

The Russians/Bolsheviks set out to turn all non-Whites on the planet against the European Empires. They were doing this in the 1920s. In 1928, Stalin, I think, gave the WHITE COMMUNISTS in South Africa orders to turn South Africa into a "Black Communist Republic". The White Communists did NOT like the idea and went to Russia to try to change that, but the Russians would have none of it. Communists in South Africa in the 1920s were all WHITE! And the Russians told them to work towards creating a Black Communist Republic. And now, 100 years later, that’s what we have. The ANC ruling Party of Nelson Mandela is a Communist Organization and is linked to the South African Communist Party. The Russians are the ones who decided this in 1928.

For the Record: The Whites under Apartheid, threw the Russians out of South Africa in the 1950s because the Russians were stirring up the Blacks against us.

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