Photo: AWESOME pro-White Miss Bulgaria says: QUOTE OF THE DAY: Miss Bulgaria: Miss Helsinki has a Pithecanthropus radiance


[This is excellent. LMAO. Well said. I'm so pleased to see that someone in Europe dares to state the obvious! Nice! Thanks to JEWS… whites are not allowed to say anything, no matter how mild or decent. Jan]

Miss Bulgaria commented on Miss Helsinki. "Miss Helsinki has a Pithecanthropus radiance. It's as if evolution hasn't gone through it. " This was stated by Antonia Petrova for "Hello, Bulgaria" on Nova TV Miss Bulgaria 2009. "Beauty is a subjective concept. But there are some criteria. We know what an aristocratic face looks like - with a thin straight nose, unlike this girl ", commented Miss Bulgaria. "I will not be surprised if Miss Germany becomes a Syrian soon," she said. Source:

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