Jewess Ilana Mercer: The Anglo-American Axis of Evil – The American Architects Of The South-African Catastrophe

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[Take note of this whites! You’re not dealing with the hook-nosed Jew you’re used to. This is the face of the Jews of South Africa as we saw them. You can see clearly why we thought the Jewish filth were white. Many of these Jews came from Germany – their mommies and daddies fled Hitler’s Germany because he was busy cleaning up on the Jewish communists there. They came here to spread their communism and to take revenge upon us as whites in the eternal Jewish hatred of white people and Europe. So be aware of the face of the new Jew. The Western world is filled with this type of Jew.

Mercer calls herself a “paleolibertarian”. These are the junk types of labels these Jews think up as they continue further forward with their work which harms white people everywhere. The Jewish failures and flops and damage to South Africa AND THEIR ROLE IN IT is hidden from view. EVEN NOW THE JEWS ARE STILL POWERFUL PLAYERS HERE BUT THEIR POWER IS WEAKENING.

The Jewess Ilana Mercer writes on behalf of the Mises Institute I see. They’re all “free market capitalists”. I used to believe in that. There is no free market. Whites are driven from business opportunities. Don’t believe the “Free Market” and “Freedom” line of the Jews. I heard it from the Liberal Jews until I could puke.

Now Mercer, from an apparently very wealthy Jewish family, is busy writing about South Africa as if she’s some kind of expert. But what is beautiful in this article below is its full liberalism, but totally hidden, in the typical Jewish way.

She talks for example about the Anglo-American Axis of Evil. What she’s NOT MENTIONING is that the English-speaking white world’s axis of evil is driven totally by JEWS! Britain and America, lapdogs of filthy Jewish Liberalism, always ready to rush off and kill some whites or non-whites AT THE BEHEST OF THE JEW e.g. Britain’s Invasion and conquest of the Boer Republics – The British soldiers got wine, care of the Rothschilds! And Britain, America and Russia’s invasion of Europe, in the 1940’s – yet another task where the British and American lapdogs were ready to kill whites as along as it made the Jews happy. So she writes about this Axis of Evil, but never ONCE does she mention JEW!

Now further in her article, which I browsed over, every name she mentions is either of a weak black ,like Buthelezi or weak Afrikaner Liberals, like Van Zyl Slabbert or outright Jews like the super-rich Jewess Helen Suzman. In fact, hidden among many of those “whites” whose names she is using are Jews. Just go and look more closely. So Mercer, being the deceitful Jewess that she is, is writing about Jews and their next item, LIBERALISM, and defending Liberalism and its related MONEY (Mises Institute). The “Evil Anglo-American Axis” does not contain one solid mention of what it is and who is in it, but I assure you, that you’ll find JEWRY ALL OVER The Anglo-American elite establishment. Jews, Jews and more Jews. Note: Germany supported Buthelezi, a Zulu in the 1960s onwards, hoping a Zulu could do something – they were sorely disappointed.

So all those names and all those soft angles of hers – this is EXACTLY how the Jews spoke and wrote here in South Africa during all those years when they were knifing the Boers and whites of Africa in the back. Below is her full article. Go and check up on those names in there. She’s mentioning many Jews, and all are Liberals. Her Jewish-Liberal-Revisionist rubbish nonsense on what happened in Africa also NEVER mentions that the blacks were all COMMUNISTS sponsored and given weapons by Russia and China.

As with all Jews, its what Ilana Mercer LEAVES OUT that is the most important. This is mere Jewish Propaganda.

Read her article carefully, her description of the “raw democracy”, etc. All her soft interpretations. See who she blames and who she quietly trips by and trips past. Just like the Jew shill Alex Jones. Yeah, the elite are the problem, the elite are the problem and the elite are all NAZIS! Yeah, they’re NAZIS not Jews! Nope. No Jews here. Alex Jones is as myopic as Ilana Mercer. You’ll never see the Jew and his hideous deeds mentioned. Its propaganda at its finest, with all kinds of meaningless words and terms which HIDE the reality of the Jew and the MASSIVE role the Jew played in disemboweling the whites of South Africa, in focusing on DESTROYING THE AFRIKANER.

South Africa is a RUIN created by Black & Jewish communists and Jewish and white Liberals and driven there by Jew-controlled America & Jew-controlled Britain. The very people she is making excuses for are among the weaklings and liars and infiltrators going about their work. The Jewess Helen Suzman played an ENORMOUS ROLE in destroying the white leadership and in confusing the whites who live here. South African Politics was FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH JEWS, JEWS AND MORE JEWS! Now suddenly nobody mentions the slimy filth who quietly and sweetly told the Afrikaners to go easy on the black communist terrorists whom the Jews were fully in bed with (when the whites weren’t looking).

You can read the full article on Zerohedge. Jan]

You can read Ilana Mercer’s article HERE.

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