Israel & COMMUNIST China: Jewish Institute in Israel translating 500 most important Jewish books into Chinese

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This organisation: – which is in Israel, started a process of translating 500 of the most important Jewish books into Chinese several years ago … The Israelis also sell US technology (some of which they stole BTW), directly to China. Israel and China are pretty cosy. My own view has been that the Jews are preparing a land to which they can flee when the whites of the Western world grow sick and tired of them. That’s why they redirect untold billions of dollars, jobs, industries from across the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD to COMMUNIST CHINA! Industries have been shut down in the UK (e.g. steel), Germany, across Europe and across the USA for DECADES to BUILD UP CHINA! But nobody seems to notice this. NOTE: There is a parallel to this. In the 1920s and 1930s when the Soviet Union (communists) were also financed and assisted and wealthy American billionaires also set up factories there. In those times the USSR was under largely Jewish control.

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