Is War healthy for Whites? What Tacitus the Roman Historian thought…


One of my readers posted this comment. This is worth pondering. I don’t like the idea of brother wars. But I do think that war against racial enemies is justified. One needs to ponder things among whites, so that we do not destroy each other needlessly.

This is what the reader wrote:
War is natural and healthy. Tacitus’ pre christian report on Europeans tells Mars (Mars is Tyr, our war god in his Roman eyes) was one of our main gods, our second most prominent. It’s only later in the christian era Edda’s that Tyr is put to the background with very little mention other than that his fighting hand is now missing. This is typical of abrhamic attacks on the nature and culture of a people, they erased one of our highest priorities & virtues, our survival, war. Tacitus also saw our main god as his Roman Mercury, god of commerce, yet also notes too we had no comprehension of usury. Makes me think our wars would have been less over money, as we weren’t cheats by nature, and more over land & territory, pride and survival etc.

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