The 1918-19 Spanish Influenza Pandemic and Vaccine Development – My Comments

[I was wondering what the state of vaccines were during the 1918 flu. I found this history article about it. Jan]

Clipping from Newark Evening News, 1918Newark Evening News, 1918

When people write about the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918-19, they usually start with the staggering global death toll, the huge number of people who were infected with the pandemic virus, and the inability of the medical field to do anything to help the infected. And while those factors were hallmarks of the devastating episode, researchers and health workers in the United States and Europe were confidently devising vaccines and immunizing hundreds of thousands of people in what amounted to a medical experiment on the grandest scale. What were the vaccines they came up with? Did they do anything to protect the immunized and halt the spread of the disease?

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