Invented by Whites: Vaccines were a GOOD THING until (((they))) perverted them!

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In an exchange between some people, one person wrote:

“All the "vaccines" are poison and jewry produces them”.

Then another lady (whom I agree with) replied:

No, we must not be ignorant. Vaccines were an excellent way for mankind to deal with very dreadful diseases in a far less problematic way. The “cow pox” that French farmers got showed that they did not get smallpox and this was used as a deterrent to the much more serious disease. The Salk and Sabine vaccines for polio were a godsend as were shots for tetanus and other medicines that if not entirely prevented terrible scourges, did lower their deadliness. What is going on now has more to do with the desire of those involved than in the understanding of a vaccine. These people don’t want to cure or help, they want to destroy.

I responded:
I totally agree with you. This is yet another case where something that Whites invented and that worked fine has been perverted by the Jews. Everything these people touch degenerates.

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