What’s with this Nutty Impeachment?


[Here is another American writing about the Trump impeachment attempt. As I've mentioned before, the Jews are doing this to create a bad PERCEPTION of Trump for 2020, and this is based on the analysis of the Jew who apparently has the best record of predicting American elections. This is all about PERCEPTION of the dumbest part of the US electorate. The Jews know they can't win this, but the aim is to harm Trump's image and to reduce the extent of the victory in the 2020 election. So keep in mind, as the Jewish scumbag Henry Kissing said, that perception is more important than reality. Remember the Democrats (who are really radical Liberals and outright communists), are playing to a generally stupid audience. Its a case of dumb and dumber and they're counting on idiots actually believing CNN, etc. This is how politics goes when you have DEMOCRACY FOR MORONS… like we have in Africa. Jan]

A Jewish Thing, says Kevin MacDonald

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At this point we need a definitional digression. “Trumpism” should not be confused with the real Donald Trump and his beliefs, whatever they might be. Before he began running for president, no one ever thought of Trump as a champion of conservative principles like freedom of gun ownership and opposition to abortion and illegal immigration. Perhaps his trade nationalism is the only Trumpism that one might identify with the pre-politician Trump. These are all important elements of Trumpism, though, which I define for the purposes of this article as those political positions that primarily set him apart from the dominant opinion-molders in the country and the powers that be, if I might be a bit redundant. That doesn’t mean that he really believes in them or that he is really serious about acting upon them, but they explain a great deal of his support, and his opposition. I would not include rampant militarism or subservience to Israel as part of the “Trumpism” definition, because he seems to share those positions with the dominant opinion molders. However, I would not rule out the possibility that in spite of such Trump actions as moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over Syria’s Golan Heights, he is suspected of not being sufficiently subservient to Israel. That is because he has not been willing to risk war with Russia to prevent them from frustrating Israeli ambitions in Syria, nor has he taken us to war with Iran, as a large swathe of the ruling elite obviously favors.

A very important element of Trumpism, I believe, is his relative independence from the dominant opinion molders. Whatever his political position of the moment might be, this independence makes him a threat to the ruling oligarchy, which has had its way since the JFK assassination, if not before. Just look at who the Republicans put up against Barack Obama, John McCain and Mitt Romney and the man they won with for two terms before that, George W. Bush. Before Trump entered the picture, it looked like we were going to be faced with a choice between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in 2016, which is to say, very much more of the same.

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