Interview: The Prophecies of the Boer Prophet, Siener Van Rensburg

The Suidlanders and Simon Roche quote this Boer prophet a lot and many Boers buy into this stuff. In my prophecy days I did entertain this stuff for quite a while, but like all these stories one eventually loses interest. Bob in DC refers to this stuff as “Mythtardation” and says that whites must get out of this type of thinking.

The popularisation of these things is due to Adriaan Snyman who is the father-in-law of Gustav Muller of the Suidlanders. The original writings are in Afrikaans.

A South African woman by the name of Julie Van Rensburg, translated them into English. Here is a link to her being interviewed on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show in 2017 where she describes what these prophecies are.

Here’s the link:

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