Increasing US & Russian tension? – Turkish media claims that U.S. expands its military presence in northeast Syria

[I am very interested in the suggestion that tension between the US and Russia is increasing in this region. I find it fascinating that the USA wages an undeclared war in Syria. This war must indeed be serious for the USA to be pushing in more forces. It is to me as if the Russians are doing quite well. I don't think these wars will escalate out of control. But clearly there is some tension and its getting a bit weird. I do NOT believe these wars will escalate like WW1 and WW2. In those cases the Jews and elites were out to destroy Germany, especially in WW2. Hence it was all out war. But I don't see them wanting that with Russia and the USA.

My own view is that if WW3 comes, it will be because WHITES stand up for themselves. That is the ONLY situation in which WW3 can occur in my view. Jan]

Turkey’s state news agency, Anadolu, quoting to local sourcing, reported that U.S. troops increasing its military presence in Syria’s northeast Al-Hasakah province.

According to the Anadolu news agency, the U.S. decided to expand its two largest military bases in Syria’s oil-rich Deir ez-Zor governorate.

This is the base at the Omar and Tal Baidar oil fields in the northwest of Hasek province. Agency sources emphasize that the US has begun expanding its bases amid growing tensions between Washington and Moscow.

Voice of America previously reported that U.S. forces in northeast Syria again prevented Russian military convoys from touring near the Iraqi border on Friday, in what locals described as an increased escalation between both sides over freedom of navigation in the predominantly Kurdish region.

A VOA reporter saw American Humvees patrolling the main road of al-Malikiyah town, also known as Derik, in northeast Hasakah province, in what local sources said was an effort to prevent an approaching Russian convoy from passing by the region.

The sources said the dispute was over the control of M4 highway, al-Malikiyah and Tall Tamr areas that became a dividing line between the two sides following the October 2019 Turkish incursion that forced the U.S. to pull out from much of the Turkey-northeast Syria border region.


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