Alex Linder: Hitler did NOT like homosexuals…


[Some fascinating insights by Alex on Hitler and his attitude to homosexuals. I detest homosexuals, and pedophiles are scum. But you'll see Jews and homos and Jews and pedos … the Jew is always busy with their demented shit. They are a race of crap.

I was fascinated by Alex's analysis of Hitler, and it clears up some things I had not studied. Jan]

Hitler made use of anyone he could in his
climb to power. Roehm provided valuable services
in obtaining secret help from the German Army for
the Nazis in the early days, and in organizing
street gangs to counteract the similar street
gangs formed by the Communists and other movements
in Germany.


21mAlex Linder @Alex_Linder

Hitler didn’t like homosexuals. He never
liked them. He used those few homosexuals who
provided needed talent and skills he couldn’t get
from heterosexuals, and tolerated them as long as
they were useful. He was quick to get rid of
homosexuals whenever their usefulness was at an


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