IMPORTANT: Why doesn’t the FBI investigate THE LINCOLN PROJECT for links to US Election Fraud?

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In my bit of research so far, I have mentioned that you will find a bunch of intelligent people who will come forward and explain how they rigged the election.

Well, the most interesting thing I’ve come across is an organisation called THE LINCOLN PROJECT which has raised $78 million.

James Carville, who is one of the biggest bags of shit you can find in politics anywhere, and whom I have nothing but the UTMOST CONTEMPT for, praises The Lincoln Project as being the MOST AGGRESSIVE GROUP in the Liberal/Left who are attacking Trump.

The Lincoln Project’s top guy, a guy called Schmidt, has given many interviews and he talks openly about making Donald Trump’s life a HELL.

I won’t say that TLP (The Lincoln Project) did the election rigging, but they seem exactly like the kind of people who would be capable of either rigging the election OR linking up to, the people who rigged the election.

They definitely have the motivation for it, and if they did not do it themselves, then they must be linked to or directly know the people who did it.

I think TLP is a key player, and the first bunch of suspects who need to be investigated. The FBI needs to visit them to begin trawling through their stuff and questioning them, because I think there is a 90% chance that TLP will be able to lead investigators right to the people who planned and executed the election fraud.

I think the perps can be found and the whole story uncovered.

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