Chart: Are Jews pushing massive Advertising Boycotts to stop WHITE FREE SPEECH? (aka Hate Speech)


[Any time that a white person tells the truth, that, according to the filthy, spoilt brat, rat-like Jews is "hate speech". I noticed that apparently there is a MASSIVE campaign to stop corporate advertising on Facebook especially, but also on all other social media platforms. According to these big corporate sons of whores, who have taken it upon themselves to censor whites … they say that Facebook, Jewbook, typifies what is "wrong with the social media". Who are these sons of bitches to tell us what we're allowed to think? They have ZERO RIGHT to do any of this. They are interfering with freedom and free speech. They should themselves be boycotted and shut down. Anyhow, as for the Jew Zuckerberg, he has probably realised that if he carries on censoring, that his big fat bank account will be going down and now he's caught between whites on the one hand who use Jewbook and the corporate Jews. I don't want to regard Zuckerberg as a "good Jew" in any way. He's a bag of shit. But I think he has realised his business model could implode if he continues censoring. So it's funny that corporate Jews are hitting Jewbook. I don't care. Everyone of them is losing. What I dislike are these corporate scum I tell you. The older I get, the more I hate these rich who now want to tell us what to think and worst of all what to say. They need to be put in the ground I tell you. Jan]

So this is from a commentary about the Corporate Jewish war to boycott advertising on Jewbook. I don’t care for either of the sides. Ultimately its negative for both, which is excellent:

Starbucks became the latest company to hit the pause button on social media advertising on Sunday, joining an evergrowing list of major brands that pulled their ads from social networks, and Facebook in particular, in an attempt to push for stronger action against hate speech on the part of social media companies.

“We will pause advertising on all social media platforms while we continue discussions internally, with our media partners and with civil rights organizations in the effort to stop the spread of hate speech,” Starbucks wrote in its official announcement of its decision, which puts the coffee chain alongside companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Verizon, Patagonia and Levi’s, to name just a few. As opposed to the other companies mentioned above, Starbucks hasn’t officially joined the “Stop Hate for Profit” initiative, which singles out Facebook for its inaction against hate speech especially during the recent protests for racial justice in America.

While several companies have paused social media advertising altogether, Facebook is currently taking the brunt of the boycott, as it is seen as the epitome of what is wrong with social media these days. As our chart shows, the company’s ad revenue amounted to nearly $70 billion last year, dwarfing the ad sales of its social media competitors.

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Infographic: Facebook Stands to Lose Most in Social Media Ad Exodus | Statista

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