IMPORTANT: The way to save America and Western Civilisation: TEACHING, TEACHING & TALKING TALKING – DON’T SHUT UP!!!

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Expropriation Bill: The Government can seize your property without paying you for it
This organisation is fighting the Government in court over this bill. You can support them.

[This is from a discussion with one of my supporters. Jan]

He wrote:
But your excellent work goes beyond the happenings in South Africa, and i get to carry small bits of that to folks at work. So many of us no longer know our own extraordinary history and are extremely demoralized. But things are changing, in part due to your excellent work.

I wrote to him:
TEACHING, TEACHING, TEACHING, TALKING, TALKING, TALKING – this is the key to saving our civilisation. That’s why JEWS WANT TO SHUT UP EVERYONE! They know if we talk enough, their game is over and the whole Liberal/Diversity crap will collapse in a heap.

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Video: Hamas attack on Israel: Is this a Life or Death fight for the existence of Israel?
Some South African supporters of Loving Life asked for my opinion of this war in Israel and what it could lead to. This is my analysis of the Middle East and what I think about this war between Israel and Hamas. I also look at the Syrian Civil war and we take a look at ALL the Arab/Muslim nations from Egypt to Iran and what threats they might pose to Israel. I also discuss American and Russian military power in the region. Can the region go nuclear? I go into quite a lot of political and military analysis of this conflict.

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